Broad Band Probes

Broad Band Probes

Broad Band Probes

Broad Band Probes are extremely versatile and work within many applications. Designed as a heavy-duty range of probes that can be used for general industrial use with impedance plane instruments only.

broad band probes

Wide frequency range - 5kHz, 20kHz, 100kHz, 500kHz and 2MHz
Plastic handle with neoprene grip
Dis-connectable with BNC connector

Wide frequency range.
Unshielded construction allowing for good sorting capabilities.
Rubber firm grip handle for comfortable and improved working ability.

Absolute Unshielded Broad Band Probes - for general purpose inspection of surface breaking defects and metallurgy / conductivity variation and to estimate coating (Paint) thickness.

Broad Band Probes (Absolute) Coding


Leads to Fit Broad Band Probes - Absolute


Note: A range of balance loads are also available for use with some impedance plane instruments.

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