Sinowon VT-350 Series Tool Videoscopes

Sinowon VT-350 Series Tool Videoscopes


The Battery Operated VT-350 Series HD Videoscopes are lightweight, portable, wear-resistant and dust and waterproof. With an intelligent image processing system, 360° joystick-controlled flexible articulation and more, the VT-350 Series provides a high-quality inspection solution that is both dynamic and affordable.

Features At-A-Glance:

  • Streamlined Design - 3.5 IPS HD full-view display, car front face design button and aircraft engine designed joystick.
  • Flexible Articulation Control - 360° joystick-controlled articulation, 220° large bending angle ensures inspection of every corner of detected object.
  • Length & Diameter - lengths up to 1.5m / 6mm diameter (contact us for customized solutions)


Streamlined Design

Flexible Articulation Control

The 360° joystick-controlled articulation and  220° large bending angle help ensure inspection of every corner of detected object. 

Additional Features


Sapphire glass lens, high precision probe



One-click photo / video taking, real-time wireless image transmitting



Iconic menu, easy operation


Dust-proof and water-proof



Excellent Quality, Anti-fall and Wear-resistant


Technical Specifications

Tube System

VT-350 Series Tool Videoscope

Model   VT350-60-100 VT350-60-150 
Code#  350-60-100T 350-60-150T 
Tube Length  1m 1.5m
Probe Diameter (mm)  6.0  
Tube Material Tungsten alloy  
Camera Pixels 1 mega pixel  
Image Resolution 1280 x 720px  
DOF 7~110mm / 20-150mm  
FOV 120°
Light Source Material Ceramic LED light
Illumination Level 6-class: 0~5 levels adjustable
Illuminance 25000Lx
Protecting Device of Durability 80mm buffer protection device on the connection between tube and handle
Articulation 360° joystick-control articulation
Bending Angle Maximum: 220°
Display Monitoring System

VT-350 Series Tool Videoscope

Model  VT-350-60-100 VT350-60-150 
Code#  350-60-100T 350-60-150T 
Structure  Hand-held integrated design 
Display 3.5" IPS full-view display  
Zoom In / Out 5X  
Image Effect Image freezing, cold / warm color  
Image Adjustment Image Sharpness / contrast / gamma value  
Image / Video Format  JPEG / MP4 
File Storage  Standard TF card: 16GB, Maximum: 64GB 
Data Port HDMI video output / Micro USB port
Wireless Image Transmission Wi-Fi (optional)
Battery Detachable & rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 3.7V, 3200mAh
Battery Working Time >3 hrs.
Battery Charge DC5V, 1A
Outer Case Material Anti-fall engineering alloy material
Water / Dust Proof Probe / Tube: IP67; Monitor: IP65
Weight 0.5 kg

Available Models

VT-350 Available Models

VT-350 Series Videoscope Models
Tool Videoscope Code# LCD Display Size Lens Diameter Tube Length Pixel Depth of Field Direction Illumination
VT350 Tool Videoscope VT350-60-100 3.5" 6mm 1.0M 1280x720 10-100mm 360 articulation White LED Lightsource
VT350-60-150 3.6" 1.5M

Quality Assurance

All products comply with RoHS, CE and ISO standard and have passed testing for temperature, waterproof, drop, vibration and pressure. We devote ourselves to providing high-quality professional inspection instruments to every customer.

VT-350 Series Kit Includes:

  • Tool Videoscope
  • Battery
  • Card Reader
  • 16GB TF Card
  • Charger
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Case

Optional Accessories:

  • Extendable Pole: 0.35 - 1.8m
  • Mini HDMI Cable
  • Foldable Tripod