Sinowon VH-100M 3D Measuring Videoscope

Sinowon VH-100M 3D Measuring Videoscope

Videoscope for Remote Visual Inspection with Advanced 3D Measurement Capabilities

Cutting Edge 3D Measuring Technology

The Sinowon VH-100M is a high definition video borescope with cutting edge 3D measuring capabilities. Featuring an intelligent multitasking operating system, 360° probe articulation, and more than 95% accuracy readings from dual Super-HD cameras (over 1,000,000 pixels), the VH-100M delivers the most accurate results in a rugged, highly portable package. 


Key Features:

  • Dual-Camera 3D Imaging Technology
  • Intelligent operating system with extensive editing tools
  • Very high accuracy measurement results
  • Interchangeable Probes



Measurement Functions

Includes Point-to-Point, Point-to-Line, Point-to-Surface-Depth and Multiple Point Circumference measurement functions. Accuracy is >95%. You can also make notes with text, markers or free-draw on the touchscreen.


Intelligent Operating System

Adjustable image parameters include resolution , brightness/contrast, gamma ray, saturation, sharpness, auto balance, negative film, rotation or mirror, image freezing, and more.


Portable Design

Physical design features include an adjustable stand/bracket, HDMI image output with synchronous image display, magnesium alloy housing, and more.

Technical Specifications

VH-100M Specifications

Videoscope Specifications
Diameter 0.25" / 0.15" (6.0mm / 3.9mm)
DOF 0.4" - 4" (10 - 100mm)
Sensor HD image sensor
Resolution HD 1,000,000 pixels
Working Length 6.5' x 9.8' (2m / 3m) customized
Material abrasion-resistant alloy
System Specifications
Case Dimensions 14.2" x 14.2" x 4" (360 × 360 × 100mm)
Unit Dimensions 14.2" x 14.2" x 4" (360 × 360 × 100mm)
Unit Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
Unit Material magnesium aluminum alloy
Maximum Recommended Operating Temperature 176°F (80°C)
Display Resolution 1920 × 1200 pixels
Joystick Handle Size 9.25" x 3.5" x 2.75" (235 × 90 × 70mm)
Joystick Handle Weight 0.88 lbs (0.4 kg)
Articulation 360°
Bending Angle <150°
Storage Internal memory/SD card/U disk (optional)
I/O Port Micro USB × 2, Mini HDMI × 1, SD slot × 1, Air plug × 1
Video Output HDMI
Light Source Real cold light source + fiber
Brightness Level 5x
Illumination Max 100,000 LX
White Balance Automatic
Battery Capacity 3000mA/3.7V × 4
Battery Charging 12V, 1A
Power 10W
Battery Work Time 2.5 hrs
DC Mode Supports charging while in use
Software Specifications
Operating System Real-time intelligent multitasking operating system
User Interface Button + touch screen
File Management Intelligent file management system, support to memory and SD card, USB storage media files and folders for copy, cut, rename, delete, and more
Image Adjustment Image adjustment: resolution options Camera parameters setting: brightness, contrast, gamma ray, saturation, sharpness Image effects: auto balance, negative film, mirror image or rotation, image freezing Note text: annotation, free drawing, mark
Image Zoom In/Out 3X
Image Format JPG
Video Format MP4
Text Annotation Photo text overlay, can choose the font size of the annotation text
Image Annotation Seal (default/custom), doodle, text input
Software Upgrade On-site upgrades are available via SD card and USB storage media
Language English / French / German / Spanish / Japanese /
Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Russian / Korean
Utility Software MDI report generation software Dual video input switching software (it shall be equipped with the direct side view switching pipeline) Picture in picture comparison software 3D measurement software
Measurement Functions
Point to point distance Measure the distance between two points
Point to line distance Measure the distance from the point to the line
Point to surface depth Measure the distance from the point to the surface
Point to surface depth Measure the total length of multiple continuous lines
Closed segment length Measure the length of multiple closed continuous lines
Line to surface depth Measure the depth of the line to the specified surface
Area Measure the area of a closed polygon (pending)
Partial magnifying window assist function 3X
Picture can be measured Multiple measurements can be made continuously
Measuring list Multiple measurements can be tabulated
Standard precision value 0.1mm
Minimum precision value 0.01mm
Accuracy ≈95%
Interchangeable Probe Options

Part Number Diameter Length Direction of View
M100-60-200D 6.0 mm 2 m Direct View
M100-60-300D 6.0 mm 3 m Direct View
M100-39-200D 3.9 mm 2 m Direct View
M100-39-300D 3.9 mm 3 m Direct View
M100-60-200S 6.0 mm 2 m Side View
M100-60-300S 6.0 mm 3 m Side View
M100-39-200S 3.9 mm 2 m Side View
M100-39-300S 3.9 mm 3 m Side View

Purchasing Details

  • The VH-100M videoscope and the accompanying probes are sold separately. Minimum requirements for purchase are (1) VH-100M Videoscope unit and (1) Probe - see table above for a full list of compatible / available probes.
  • Please note that when exchanging a probe on the unit, the instrument and probe will need to be recalibrated by the user.

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