Sinowon VU-510 HD UV Videoscopes

Sinowon VU-510 HD UV Videoscopes

HD UV Borescope with Intelligent Image Processing System and 360° Articulation Control


The VU-510 Series HD UV Videoscopes can meet all kinds of complicated inspection needs. With an intelligent image processing system, 360° joystick-controlled flexible articulation, modular hardware design and more, the VU-510 Series provides a high-quality inspection solution that is both dynamic and affordable.

Features At-A-Glance:

  • Modular Design – video probe and handle are interchangeable
  • Light Source - UV only or Combined UV/White Light (UV-only version available in direct view or side view configurations)
  • Flexible Articulation Control - 360° joystick-controlled articulation, precise probe locking technology, >100° bending angle
  • Intelligent Software - white balance, exposure control, 8x zoom and more
  • Length & Diameter - lengths up to 10m / 6mm diameter (contact us for customized solutions)



Modular Design

The VU-510 Series HD UV Fluorescent Videoscopes adopt modular design - the main instrument and handle can be separated with one button. Both the white light and UV light sources of the probe can be activated independently or separately. Additionally, a one-key switch through the universal button can be used - white light can be used to find the direction, and ultraviolet fluorescence can be used for detection at the same time. 

Flexible Articulation Control

The 360° joystick-controlled articulation, damping type positioning design, and precise probe locking technology make detection with the VU-510 Series more accurate and efficient. Independently developed long-distance transmission technology ensures a bending angle of >100° and effective tube length of 32' (10 meters).

360 Precision Articulation
360° Precision Articulation
Maximum Bending Angle 190
Maximum Bending Angle 190°


Software Features

With the intelligent image processing system, the user can control image rotation, white balance, exposure control, negative film, 8x zoom in/out, and comparative measurement.




Exposure Suppression: the polished object is inspected clearly


Negative Film Mode: enhance the ability to compare and analyze internal defects


White Balance: auto white balance with strong color reduction


Exposure Compensation: certain details can be seen more clearly


Zoom 1X
Manual control white balance according to inspection needs


Normal Mode: HD image effect

Zoom 8X

Other Features

High temperature alarm function: Orange alarm when the temperature is above 149° F (65 ℃), Red alarm and shutdown when the temperature is more than 176° F (80 ℃)

The image can be output to HD display by HDMI

Original dual battery design, 8 hours working time, real-time battery indication

Display resolution 1280x960, high light, wide color gamut, all-sight viewing angle ensures clear image, excellent color reproduction

Technical Specifications

UV Probe System

VU-510 Series Videoscopes 
Probe Diameter 6mm (0.24")
Camera Pixels 1 Million Pixels
Probe Resolution 1280 x 720px
Video Resolution 1280 x 720px
DOF 10 - 100mm (.39" x 3.93")
FOV 120°
Viewing Direction Direct-view / 90° Sideview
Light Source UP1: Direct-view probe: Optic Fiber UV illumination
UP2: Direct-view probe: Fiber UV illumination + LED White Font illumination
UP3: Sideview Probe: LED UV illumination
Illuminance 1200 uW/cm2
Tube Length 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 Meters (4'11" / 6'7" / 9'11") 
Protecting Device of Durability 42mm (1.65") buffer protection device between tube and handle
Articulation 360° joystick-control articulation
Bending Angle

Maximum: 190°

Probe Positioning Damping positioning & articulation lock device



Physical Attributes - Monitor Display System

 VU-510 Series Specifications
Display VU510 5.1" color IPS display, all sight viewing angle, sunshade design
Display Resolution 1280 x 960px
Zoom In / Out 8X
Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean
White Balance Suppression  5 levels adjustable    
White Balance Auto white balance, automatically adjusts and eliminates speckles to achieve optimal images
Image Effect Negative Film / black & white / standard    
Temperature Indication High temperature alarm (optional)    
IP Level Probe / Tube: IP67    
Software Function Playback, image parameters adjust and rotate
Structure Hand-held integrated design
Image / Video Format JPEG / MOV
Comparative Measurement Using measuring probe and analog scale to compare and analyze the internal defect and size of the inspected object.
Data Port HDMI video output, Micro USB port with water & dust proof device
Working Time 8 hrs.
Battery Capacity 3.7V, 3200mAh x 2
Power Charge DC5V, 1A
Weight 1.76 lbs. (0.8 kg) 
Compatibility Interchangeable monitor and tube with different diameters

Available Models

VU-510 Series Available Models

VU-510 Series UV HD Videoscope Models
UV Light Videoscope Code # LCD Display Size Lens Diameter Tube Length Pixel Direction Illumination
6mm VU510 HD Videoscope with 1.5M Directview Sensor and Fiber Lightsource VU510-60-150F 5.1" 6mm 1.5M 1280x720 Directview UV/Fiber Illumination
6mm VU510 HD Videoscope with Sideview Sensor and LED Lightsource VU510-60-200L 5.1" 6mm 2.0M 1280x720 Sideview UV/Fiber Illumination
6mm VU510 HD Videoscope with Directview Sensor and White Lightsource VU510-60-150UW 5.1" 6mm 1.5M 1280x720 Directview Dual Illumination: UV+White/LED
VU510-60-200UW 5.1" 6mm 2.0M 1280x720 Directview


Quality Assurance

All products comply with RoHS, CE and ISO standard and have passed testing for temperature, waterproof, drop, vibration and pressure. We devote ourselves to providing high-quality professional inspection instruments to every customer.

VU-510 Series Instrument Kit

VU-510 Series Instrument Kit Includes

  • HD UV Videoscope (selected model)
  • 2x Batteries
  • Card Reader
  • 32GB TF Card
  • Charger
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Case
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
VU510-60-150F, VU-510 HD UV Videoscope, 6mm x 1.5m, Direct View Sensor and Fiber UV light source RV-SW-VU510-60-150F $9,895.00
VU510-60-200L, VU-510 HD UV Videoscope, 6mm x 2m, Side View Sensor and LED UV light source RV-SW-VU510-60-200L $9,895.00
VU510-60-150UW, VU-510 HD UV Videoscope, 6mm x 1.5m, Direct View Sensor and Fiber UV/White light source RV-SW-VU510-60-150UW $10,825.00
VU510-60-200UW, VU-510 HD UV Videoscope, 6mm x 2m, Direct View Sensor and Fiber UV/White light source RV-SW-VU510-60-200UW $11,625.00