Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems

Fuel System Borescope Application

One important borescope application is in fuel systems. Manufacturers of mission-critical fuel systems and fuel system components for automotive, aviation and diesel use Hawkeye Borescopes to inspect for burrs, cross-hole alignment, surface finish irregularities, and numerous other possible defects in fuel injector nozzles, miniature hydraulic parts, fuel manifolds, and much more! View a few examples of fuel system borescope applications below.

A fuel injector is inspected using a borescope application offered in the Hawkeye Pro 7" Rigid Borescope

Diesel fuel injector as seen with a Hawkeye Pro Slim 7"

Diesel injector body taken with a Hawkeye Pro Hardy 7"

Injector nozzles viewed with a Hawkeye Pro MicroSlim 5"