Casting Borescope Applications

Manufacturers of even the most complex castings for automotive, aviation and other applications now have a fast, affordable way to improve quality control in their visual inspection process with the many borescope applications provided by the Hawkeye Pro Borescopes. We stock over 70 models of rigid, flexible and video borescopes, and accessories, at prices far less than comparable instruments. Hawkeye Pro Borescopes provide borescope applications that include highly detailed images of sand, voids, flash, surface-finish irregularities, and numerous other defects that can seriously affect the quality of a wide range of mission-critical castings like fuel & hydraulic systems, engine blocks, medical equipment, and much more.

An engine head casting is inspected with a Hawkeye Pro V2 Video Borescope.

Void in casting after machining as seen with a Hawkeye Pro Hardy 7".

Sand visible with a Hawkeye Pro Slim 12" Rigid Video Borescope.

Flash as seen with a Hawkeye Pro Flexible Video Borescope.