Baugh & Weedon Magazon PBU-350 Portable MPI Bench

Baugh & Weedon Magazon PBU-350 Portable MPI Bench

Baugh & Weedon Magazon PBU-350 Portable MPI Bench Unit

baugh&weedon pbu-350

The PBU-350 is ideal for:

  • Testing bolts, ski lift grips and other small parts
  • Can be used anywhere you have 110V / 30 amp or 220V / 15 amp service
  • Accurate amperage at low current, so it can be used to supplement larger MPI bench units
  • Perfect for schools, mobile enough to be taken to the job site


Coil Clamps between head and tailstock.

It can be used in either orientation.


Magazon PBU 350 Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection bench, with integral power pack, AC / HWDC and Optional Single Phase FWDC.

  • Dual input voltage 110 / 220 VAC 60 Hz (30 / 10 amp)
  • Capable of accommodating components up to 14" (350 mm)
  • Nominal 1,000 Amp integral power pack
  • AC / HWDC
  • AC / HWDC and single phase FWDC**
  • Maximum output measured through a shunt:
    • AC - 1,000 amps (rms)
    • HWDC - 700 amps (2 x mean)
  • 3 turn encircling coil for clamping between Headstock and tailstock*
    • 6" (150 mm) Coil*
    • 4" (100 mm) Coil*
  • Built-in 20,000 ampere-turn-Flux-Flow*
  • Headstock with gas spring pressure clamping and manually locked tailstock.
  • Contact plates 2" x 2.5" (50 x 60 mm) fitted with V-block supports and replaceable copper braid pads.
  • Automatic demagnetization cycle.
    • AC / HWDC - Decaying AC Demag Cycle
    • If equipped with FWDC - Flux Flow Option - Low Frequency, reversing polarity decay.**
  • Variable thyristor current control
  • Digital metering calibrated in AC rms and HWDC 2 x mean.
  • Digital metering calibrated in AC rms, HWDC 2 x mean and FWDC mean.**
  • Current Pre-Selection system to allow operator to select the required current level which will be achieved to within 5% of selected value.
  • Selectable shot time of 1, 2 and 2 x 1 second (others available upon request).
  • Dynamic duty cycle of 50% at full output
  • Working range of 10% to 100% of maximum output
  • Magnetizing via footswitch.
  • Operator controls and digital metering mounted above the headstock
  • Stainless Steel enclosure and drip tray
  • Recirculating stand alone suspension application system*
  • Re-circulating inking system for use with the PBU350. Consisting of a separate free standing stainless steel reservoir with 15 liter capacity fitted with a pump and hand applicator.*
  • Bi-directional clamping*

    pbu-350-coil pbu-350-coil

    bi-directional clamping, allowing the coil to be manually rotated at 90? for maximum inspection flexibility.

    *Optional Items
    ** Only with Single Phase FWDC

    Stand-alone MPI particle solution
    application system
    Transit Cover

    Product Literature

    Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
    BW-NDE PBU-350 AC/HWDC 110/220 VAC MT-BW-PBU350-A $11,995.00
    BW-NDE PBU-350 AC/HWDC/FWDC 110/220 VAC MT-BW-PBU350-B $13,995.00
    BW-NDE 6" (150mm) 3 Turn Coil MT-BW-PBU350-C6-3 $1,050.00
    BW-NDE 6" (150mm) 5 Turn Coil MT-BW-PBU350-C6-5 $1,195.00
    BW-NDE 4" (100mm) 3 Turn Coil MT-BW-PBU350-C4-3 $950.00
    BW-NDE Flux Flow Coils MT-BW-PBU350-FF $2,495.00
    Magnetic Particle Spray System MT-BW-PBU350-MPSS $1,995.00
    Transport Cover MT-BW-PBU350-TC $695.00