BAQ AlphaDur Mini

BAQ AlphaDur Mini

BAQ AlphaDur Mini

UCI hardness tester

AlphaDur Mini


  • Fast and easy hardness testing
  • Measuring method according to DIN 50159 and ASTM A1038
  • Robust metal casing
  • Large color LCD display
  • Built-in Li-on battery
  • Extensive storage and statistical functions
  • USB interface and PC software


  • Incoming goods inspections
  • Hardness testing of metals in production
  • Testing of machine parts, weld seams, coatings and hardened parts, even at difficult to access locations and at any angle



Technical Data:
Hardness Scale:
HRC, HV, HB, HRB and Tensile Strength
Test Load: 10, 20, 30, 49 or 98 N, depending on the UCI Probe
Display: Color LCD Screen, 320 x 240 pixels
Interface: USB
Data Memory: 100,000 data records with date, time and GOOD/BAD rating
Statistics: Average value, minimum, maximum and standard deviation
Battery: Built-in Li-ion battery
Battery life approximately 12 hours
Rechargeable by charging adapter or PC-USB
Dimensions: 135 x 80 x 23 mm
Weight: Device - 320 grams, Probe - 190 grams
Minimum sample thickness approximately 4 - 6 mm

    Probe Selection:
    The selection of load is based on:

    1. Thickness
    2. Surface Finish
    3. Materials Grain Size
    4. Hardness Range

    The most common probes are:

    • 5 kg (49 N) - typically recommended for machined surfaces and materials in the HRC range.
    • 10 kg (98 N) - typically for pipe and materials in the Brinell or Rockwell B range.
    • Lower loads are recommended for plated parts and those with surface treatments, case hardened material, etc.

    *The lower the load the better the finish needs to be and more critical handling of the probe.
    *For best results, calibrate to a sample of the material being tested. The sample should be tested with a regular hardness tester first and made into a secondary standard.

    The AlphaDur Mini Contains:

    • Basic device with built-in Li-ion battery
    • USB cable
    • USB charging adapter
    • carrying case
    • manufacturer's certificate
    • Instruction manual


    Optional Accessories:

    • Probe support for flat and curved surfaces
    • High precision stand
    • Probe handle
    • Portable Mini Printer
    • Special Probe SL for measurements at locations difficult to access
    • Wooden Box with foam tray for Hardness test blocks (Ø 90x160mm)


    Hardness Test Block Probe and Probe Supports High Precision Stand Mini Printer
    alpha-dur-mini-test-block probe and supports high-precision-stand baq-mini-printer

      Product Literature

      Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
      BAQ AlphaDur Mini Kit with 10 kg (98 N) HT-BAQ-AD-12-100-98 $5,495.00
      BAQ AlphaDur Mini Kit with 5 kg Probe (49 N) HT-BAQ-AD-12-100-49 $5,495.00
      BAQ AlphaDur Mini Kit with 3 kg Probe (30 N) HT-BAQ-AD-12-100-30 $5,495.00
      BAQ AlphaDur Mini Kit with 2 kg Probe (20 N) HT-BAQ-AD-12-100-20 $5,495.00
      BAQ AlphaDur Mini Kit with 1 kg Probe (10 N) HT-BAQ-AD-12-100-10 $5,495.00
      BAQ alphaDUR-Mini (WITHOUT PROBE) Main unit with power supply/battery charger, cable and documentation in a case (10-100-xx without probe) HT-BAQ-AD-12-102 $2,620.00
      Probe, 1 kg with test load 10 N HT-BAQ-11-122 $2,875.00
      Probe, 2 kg with test load 20N HT-BAQ-11-123 $2,875.00
      Probe, 3 kg with test load 30 N HT-BAQ-11-124 $2,875.00
      Probe, 5 kg with test load 49 N HT-BAQ-11-125 $2,875.00
      Probe, 10 kg with test load 98 N HT-BAQ-11-126 $2,875.00
      Special Probe SL additional charge HT-BAQ-10-129 $925.00
      High Precision Stand HT-BAQ-10-130 $1,495.00
      Probe Support for Flat Specimen HT-BAQ-10-131 $495.00
      Probe Support for Round Specimen 10 -50 mm (0.4 - 2") HT-BAQ-10-132 $550.00
      Probe Support for Round Specimen 50 - 250 mm (2 - 10") HT-BAQ-10-133 $565.00
      Handle for Probes HT-BAQ-10-141 $32.00
      alphaSOFT - Windows data management software for alphaDUR II HT-BAQ-12-150 $475.00
      Mobile Printer HT-BAQ-10-151 $475.00
      USB Data Transfer software HT-BAQ-11-152 $305.00
      Protective Sleeve for Probe HT-BAQ-10-171 $50.00
      Probe Cable HT-BAQ-11-172 $175.00
      Power Supply / battery charger + Adapter for Charger (US/CA) HT-BAQ-12-173 $95.00
      Calibration of the probe including certificate HT-BAQ-R-S-KALIB $125.00
      Hardness Test block for UCI, Rockwell Calibration with ISO and ASTM certificate (specify hardness value: approx. 20, 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65 HRC) HT-BAQ-HVP-9016HRC-EP $595.00
      Hardness Test block for UCI, Vickers Calibration with ISO and ASTM certificate (specify hardness value: approx. 240, 300, 400, 510, 600, 700 or 830 and Test Load: HV0.3, HV1, HV2, HV3, HV5, HV10) HT-BAQ-HVP-9016HV-EP $595.00
      Wooden box with foam tray for Hardness test blocks Ø90x16 mm, Measurements: 135x125x42 mm HT-BAQ-HVP-9016-BOX1 $35.00
      Carry bag with shoulder strap for the alphaDUR Mini with probe HT-BAQ-12-140 $125.00