ACS A1040 Mira Ultrasonic Imaging System

ACS A1040 Mira Ultrasonic Imaging System

Portable, High-End Ultrasonic Tomograph for Reinforced Concrete Testing

Quality, Couplant Free Testing

The A1040 Mira is a handheld ultrasonic tomograph for imaging of the internal structure of concrete at one-sided access. Contains a matrix antenna array from 48 (12 blocks, each containing 4 elements) law-frequency broad banded transducers of shear waves with dry-point-contact and ceramic wear resistant tips for working on rough surfaces. Each transducer is equipped with an independent spring suspension for inspection on uneven surfaces. The A1040's interface allows working with laser beams which are projected on a surface of the testing object, so the operator can correctly maintain a shift step of the antenna array during a complete technical diagnostics of the testing object. Repositionable handles, bright TFT display and a reference scale on the lower part of the unit provides convenient operation and analysis of results. Includes visualization and analysis software Introview.



  • Extraordinary penetration depth (0.4 to 100")
  • Outstanding near-field and far-field resolution
  • New generation of wear-proof DPC transducers
  • Visualization by Introview
    • Integral assessment using 3D imaging
    • Novel crack sizing functionality
  • One piece design with integrated anti-glare TFT color display
  • 3D data collection and processing in MAP-mode
  • German TUV certified methodology for reinforcement and duct channels detection




  • Inspection of concrete constructions up to 2500 mm and reinforced concrete up to 800 mm in thickness for the purpose of evaluating consistency of the construction

  • Search for foreign inclusions, cavities, voids, delaminations, leaks of filling and cracks in the concrete objects, reinforced concrete objects and natural stone

  • Inspection of constructions made of marble and granite up to 2000 mm in thickness

  • Search for plastic and metal pipes of a diameter more than 10 mm in reinforced concrete

  • Inspection of the internal structure of carbon rods with a diameter of more than 900 mm

  • Evaluation of condition of the channels with stressed reinforcement in reinforced concrete bridges

  • Inspection of understructures, columns, overhead covers in cast-in-place constructions to detect voids and leaks of filling

  • Search for voids and cavities back of liner plates of underground and railway tunnels

  • Inspection of refractory blocks in glass blowing furnaces

  • Estimation of the thickness of concrete covers and depth of coverage reinforcement

  • Thickness measurement of the testing object at one-sided access

  • Detailed registration of the results obtained


Introview Concrete Software

Introview Concrete software is a tool for visualization and analysis of two and three-dimensional datasets. Apart from analysis of concrete measurement data the software can be applied in other applications such as non-destructive metal testing, medical imaging, homeland security, seismology and many others. Service engineers, researchers and scholars can benefit from the usage of this software tool. Among others, Introview offers you the following built-in features:

  • 3D volume view
  • Cut planes
  • Texture mapping
  • Ray casting
  • Maximum intensity projection
  • Isosurface
  • BDC projections
  • Amplification and threshold

Additional Info

Technical Specifications

A1040 Mira Specifications

Scanning Device Built-in matrix antenna array
Operating Frequency 25-85 kHz
Number of Transducers in the Antenna Array 48
Type of Transducers Used Low-frequency broadband
transversal with dry point contact
and ceramic wear-proof tips
Velocity Range 1000 to 4000 m/s
Maximum View Depth in Concrete 100" (2500 mm)
Thickness Measuring Range 1.96" - 23.62" (50-600 mm)
Maximum Error (X=Thickness) ±(0,05∙Х+10) mm
Minimum Size of Located Reflector a sphere 0.78" (20 mm) in diameter
at least 7.87" (200 mm) long
at the depth from 1.96" to 15.74" (50 to 400 mm)
Display Type 5.7" TFT, Color
Embedded Memory Flash 7 Gb
Power Built in Battery
Voltage 11.2V
Battery Operating Time 5 hours
PC Connection USB
Operation Temperature Range -10 to 50 C
Weight 9.92 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Dimensions (Without Handles) 14.56" x 5.90" x 5.70" (370 x 150 x 145 mm)
Dimensions (With Handles Horizontal) 18.50" x 5.90" x 6.69" (470 x 150 x 170 mm)

Kit Includes

  • A1040 Mira Unit
  • 220V/15V Power Supply Unit
  • USB A - Micro B Cable
  • Checking Sample
  • Hard Transport Case
  • 3D Software Introview, 12 Month License
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