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LED X-Ray Film Viewers

We at NDT Supply could be called "early adapters". An example of this is that we have been on the internet since 1998. We are continually looking for advancements in technology in NDT equipment from companies all over the world and introducing them when are convinced that we would invest our own money - after all, how can we suggest you buy a product, if we would not spend our own money on it?

LED's are great developments, that are quickly changing the UV lamps and X-ray film viewers that we use in NDT.

The development and introduction of LED's to the NDT field have created opportunities to overcome equipment problems that we have had to tolerate and adjust to for many decades.

Film Viewers  

 X-Ray Film Viewers must be bright. In the past, the only way of increasing brightness was to increase wattage.

 Bulbs such as Photo Flood bulbs and Quartz Halogen are bright, but most of their energy is lost in heat light. LED's are  much more efficient in creating higher levels of luminance with less heat and use much less electrical current.

  ♦ Many common specifications require that film viewers have the intensity to read a 4.0 density film. 
  ♦ FIG 1 of ASTM-E-1742 indicates 4.0 density requires 100,000 candela/m2 

Current specifications require x-ray film viewer intensity to measure in Luminance. The recognized scale is Cd/m2 (Candela / meter2). Brightness in Illuminance values (LUX or foot candles) in no longer recognized.

The following are the current requirements:
1. Luminance measured through films having a density lower than 2.5 must be greater than 30 Cd/m2.

2. Luminance measured through films having a density greater than 2.5 must be greater than 30 Cd/m2.
3. The above requires the film viewer to have the following minimum luminance value:


Luminance is the brightness of a surface such as a PC monitor or Film Viewer
Illuminance is used to measure lighting intensity such as UV and White Light lamps
There is no conversion possible for Luminance to Illuminance
Special Luminance Meter or Sensors are required



FV-2008 LED High Intensity Film Viewer
Density: 4.2 D
Dims: 15.8 x 8.3 x 8.4 in, (396 x 209 x 210 mm) L x W x H 
Intensity: 150,000 Cd/m2

FV-2009 Portable LED Film Viewer

Density: 3.9 D
Dims: 17.9 x 5.5 x 2.6 in. (455 x 140 x 65 mm)
Intensity: ~ 95,000 Cd/m2 

FV-2010 High Intensity Portable LED Film Viewer 
Density: 4.0 D
Dims: 23.6 x 3.1 x 6.3 in. (600 x 800 x 160 mm)
Intensity: 105,000 Cd/m2 
FV-2013 Handheld LED Film Viewer
Density: 4.0 D
304 x 85 x 640 mm (12" x 3.3" x 25") L x W x H
110,000 Cd/m2
M-1 & M-2
Density: 4.0 D
Viewing Screen:
M-1: 225 x 80 mm
M-2: 450 x 80 mm
Intensity: 100,000 Cd/m2

X-3eco, X-4eco, X-5eco 
Density: 4.2 D
Viewing Screen:
X-3eco: 480 x 100 mm
X-4eco: 250 x 80 mm
X-5eco: 150 x 110 mm
Intensity: 160,000 Cd/m2 
X-3, X-4, X-5 
Density: 4.5 D
Viewing Screen:
X-3: 450 x 80 mm
X-4: 225 x 80 mm
X-5: 150 x 100 mm
Intensity: 300,000 Cd/m2 

Density: 5.0 D
Viewing Screen:
X-7: 4-75 mm Diameter
Built in Iris 

Intensity: 1,000,000 Cd/m2